Innovation is synonymous with Lemieux Doors. We're an ideal synthesis of technology and dynamism, proudly defining the leading edge. And Lemieux is in a state of constant evolution, offering unparalleled competitiveness and value through efficient, streamlined operations.

The Lemieux Doors team is focused on creating the highest quality products - and we consider it to be an asset without compare. It's among our priorities to see that team member's enjoy a secure and stimulating work environment. Given all of this, is it any wonder Lemieux Doors ranks as one of the global leaders in the manufacture of doors?


Les Portes Lemieux is born. Its founder, Lemieux, starts his business producing moulds, flooring and windows. Woodworking is his passion.


Big changes, including a new name: Lemieux Doors Inc.  Bernard Gervais becomes the sole proprietor. The business keeps growing, adopting new production techniques that both improve quality and meet the growing needs of customers.  


Bernard Gervais revolutionizes the French door market, creating and developing the clamp glazed door. This process speeds up construction times and eliminates all traces of staples and nails.  


First appearance of the finger-jointed, primed French door – and it’s an immediate, overwhelming success. These two new door types make their mark on the French door industry, innovations that make Lemieux Doors the market leader.  


The U.S. market responds enthusiastically to what Lemieux Doors has to offer. In November, Skip Paschall joins the team as national sales director, the company’s first American sales manager.  


To continue responding to its growing customer base, Lemieux Doors opens a second production facility in June, an expansion that allows the company to begin high-volume production.

Committed to our Customers

At Lemieux Doors, we put our customers first. Serving you is our greatest pleasure!

We’re committed to:
- manufacturing a full range of indoor and outdoor French doors in various species of wood that meet the highest quality standards on the North American market;  
- offering our North American customers trend-setting purchase programs that allow them to order a minimum quantity of products, including specialty doors, delivered in minimal time;
  - always staying alert and ready to innovate.

Manufactured using a combination of processes geared towards excellence, each Lemieux door is individually detailed, assuring an extraordinary fit and finish.

Lemieux is part of a rare breed, a large-scale, world-class manufacturer employing construction techniques specifically designed to produce doors of the highest quality. Our R&D department is forever on the lookout for the latest in technological advances and cutting-edge equipment in order to continually heighten quality and further productivity.



Lemieux Doors is committed to the latest technology, which ensures quality control while streamlining operations and remaining highly competitive.

An Innovative Finish

Lemieux Doors has invested millions perfecting a protective UV sealer system, which when applied immediately before the finishing coat, seals the wood, removing all traces of cracks or crevices in the joints, and avoids accentuating brush strokes, knots, and wood grain.

Expansion-Resistant MDF Panels

Lemieux Doors incorporates Medium Density fibre panels into the construction of all its doors. MDF is expansion resistant and inherently more stable, able to withstand the extremes of seasonal temperature variations, thus protecting against cracks and leaks.

The Tenon & Mortise Joint – Quality & Tradition

Lemieux Doors employs proven age-old mortise & tenon joints in its doors, assuring the highest quality construction. Furthermore the adhesive binding technique delivers exceptional strength and a lasting hold. The absence of dowels allows the doors to be custom-trimmed during installation without risk of voiding the guarantee.

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