Looking for something besides the same old square door? Lemieux offers many options for the design of the top rail of your door. We have 5 top rail options that can be used in single or double door applications. These options are available with doors with panels or glass and on interior and exterior doors. Lemieux can also supply you with your jamb or frame needs for these custom doors.


You can change the shape of the door panel or glass to add a distinctive look to any door. We have 6 arched and radius options from which you can choose. All of these options can be used on interior or exterior doors.


Lemieux make all of our products available with two sticking options. You can choose from our traditional Ovolo sticking or a more Craftsman look of our Square Sticking. You can change or dress up the look of your doors by adding one of our 5 moulding options: Face, Windsor, Sherbrooke, Quebec or Step Sticking.

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