Lemieux prides itself on being one of the very few world-class manufacturers of doors where the highest-quality methods of production are employed as a standard. This means each door benefits from an exacting process of manufacture, and is individually detailed, delivering an extraordinary fit and aesthetic quality. Our in-house R&D is relentless in its application of the very latest high-tech solutions to door manufacturing, all of which continually serves to enhance Lemieux’s quality and productivity.

Furthermore, the Versailles door is built with Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) core, thicker panels, and receives two coats of primer, applied over our industry-leading UV coating (on primed products). Lemieux opts for a mortise and tenon construction, with its continuous glue lines it provides greater stability and better trimming opportunities over the use of less reliable dowels. This combination guarantees that the Versailles door is the best available!

Lastly, but perhaps of key importance, is the recognition seasoned architects have given us. They, most of all, understand that the greatest rewards come from satisfied customers who appreciate a product that elegantly combines strength, quality, durability and value – the very essence of the Lemieux brand.


In addition to our standard stave wood core Lemieux offers all of our products with an optional Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) core. The strength and durability has been proven for years in other construction products such as beams, trusses and joists. We know a door built with LVL construction will be stronger and will not warp, twist or cup. We highly recommend LVL construction on any exterior product and oversized doors greater than 36".


In our efforts to give you the best primed doors available; Lemieux applies two coats of an Ultra Violet (UV) sealer to the stiles and rails of our primed doors. The doors are then primed and primer is baked on. This will give you a smooth durable surface to paint. Primed door products with an LVL core receive a double coat of primer.


Lemieux make all of our products available with two sticking options. You can choose from our traditional Ovolo sticking or a more Craftsman look of our Square Sticking. You can change or dress up the look of your doors by adding one of our 5 moulding options: Face, Windsor, Sherbrooke, Quebec or Step Sticking.


Lemieux make a variety of panels available to make the right door design for you. We recommend our MDF panels either in primed or in one of our stain grade species. The MDF panel will not shrink, expand, split or crack. Our MDF panels are available in a 3/4" and 1-1/8” single hip panel along with a 1/2" and 3/4” flat panel. We also have a solid wood 3/4” single or double hip panel available and a 1-1/8” engineered solid single or double hip panel.





This unique construction offers several advantages:

  • A 20-year warranty against warping.
  • Highly moisture resistant.
  • This product requires no special prep work when hinging a standard side hinge, and this applies particularly to pocket doors where hardware must be placed on top.
  • All stain-grade species have solid matching edge strips.
  • Decreased overall weight. The right combination of increased weight, but not to the point that makes it difficult to work with.
  • Extremely safe against intruders.
  • A great barrier against both interior and exterior noises.
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