Torrefied Collection

Lemieux Doors, Inc. announces the introduction of their Torrefied Collection. As of April, 2, 2012, Lemieux Doors is accepting orders for door products from their NEW Torrefied Collection. The Torrefied Collection is really a process not a specific door line. All of Lemieux’s doors can be manufactured with Torrefied lumber. Torrefication is an all natural “green” process of that has been used for centuries to enhance the durability and the esthetics of wood. This process involves treating wood at a relatively high temperature over a period of time. This heat treating process stabilizes the lumber, alters the molecular structure and makes the wood resistant to fungal decay.

Some uses of torrefied wood are: fences, garden furniture, decking, flooring and cabinetry. Lemieux is the first door manufacturer that we are aware of that has introduced this technology to the wood door industry.

Lemieux is offering three torrefied species: VG Douglas Fir, Appalachian Poplar and Mahogany. Because of the torrefication process the solid lumber used to make these doors will not warp, twist or cup. Because the torrefied lumber is resistant to decay the so rotting will not be an issue. By using solid lumber to build these doors there are no veneers to delaminate. With these unique characteristics Lemieux is able to offer a 20 year warranty. This is unheard of in the wood door industry. Now you can have the beauty and flexibility of wood and the product backing usually only available for steel or fiberglass doors.

With Torrefied Collection you can finish your doors a dark color, face it south or west and not have to worry about an overhang. No other wood door can perform under these conditions.

For additional information about our Torrefied Collection ask your local door supplier or visit our web page at and look for Torrefied Wood under Technical Information.

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